HP 3520 All-in-One vs HP 5520 3522 3521 and HP 3510


HP 5520 vs HP 3520 What is the difference? The HP 5520 offfers 2.65" (6.74 cm) CGD (color graphics) touchscreen, while the HP 3520 only with 2.0" (5 cm) Hi-Res Mono LCD. The 5520 also supports memory card and its printing speed is slightly faster than the 3520. And the last, the 5520 is in the HP's photosmart line not a deskjet. Read >> HP 3520 Reviews | HP 520 Reviews Both printers use HP ... Continue Reading

Brother HL2280dw printer vs HL2270dw Comparison


What is the difference between the HL2280dw and the HL2270dw? The HL-2280DW adds LCD display, copy and scan capability. With the LCD display it will be easier to print and scan. In the other hand, the HL2270dw is without those features. Buy the HL2280dw ($129.99) or HL2270dw ($99.99) from Amazon (price as of 12/15/12) Approx. cost per page In addition to being affordable to purchase, the ... Continue Reading

Canon PIXMA PRO-100 vs PIXMA PRO-10 and PRO-1


Canon offers several Inkjet photo printers for professionals. They are including the PIXMA PRO-100, PIXMA PRO-10 and PRO-1. What is the difference between them? They are different for the ink tank, ink system, print speed, and of coure the price. Read: PIXMA PRO-100 Reviews | PIXMA PRO-10 Reviews Ink Tanks The PIXMA PRO-100, PRO-10 and PRO-1 printers each use 8 ink tanks, 10 ink tanks ... Continue Reading

Epson Stylus R2000 VS Epson R2880 R3000 Photo Printer

Epson Stylus Photo R3000

R3000 VS Epson R2880 There are several difference between the EPson R3000 and the R2880. The R3000 adds Ethernet and WiFi support; a color LCD control panel; higher-capacity ink cartridges, and the ability to hold an additional cartridge, so you don't have to switch between different black ink cartridges when you switch between glossy and matte paper. Buy Epson Stylus R3000 from Amazon ... Continue Reading

Canon MG5420 vs Pixma MG5320 Photo All-In-One


Pixma MG5420 vs Pixma MG5320 The Canon Pixma MG5420 (Black: Approx. 15.0; Color: Approx. 10.0) is slightly faster than the MG5320 (Black: Approx. 12.5; Color: Approx. 9.3 ipm). For 4" x 6" borderless photo the MG5420 needs 21 second and the MG5320 20 seconds. But the MG5420's number of nozzles (5,120) is higher than the MG5320 (4,608). Read: Canon MG5420 Reviews | MG5320 Reviews The ... Continue Reading

Canon MG6320 vs Pixma MG6220 MG5320 Photo All-in-One Comparison

Canon PIXMA MG6320

Pixma MG6320 vs Pixma MG6220 The Canon Pixma MG6320 features a 3.5" touch screen, while the MG6220 only offers a 3.0" LCD. Canon's Intelligent Touch System with the 3.5" touch screen makes operation easy by giving you only the buttons you need and only when you need them. The Pixma MG6320 (Black: Approx. 15.0; Color: Approx. 10.0 ipm) is slightly faster than the MG6220 (Black: Approx. 12.5; ... Continue Reading